Launch new network channels that will be profitable from day one

The cost will be proportional to the number of cable operators receiving your network

The Inetsat pricing model is proportional to the amount of headends that receive your network channel, allowing you to keep a low distribution cost at launch and helping you be profitable from day one.
In addition to this, each feed in Inetsat has a cap price to make sure that you always pay less than satellite distribution, regardless of your success.

Global Coverage

Offer your Network in any market around the world at no additional cost

By using the Internet as the mean of content distribution, the feeds originated by Inetsat have a Global reach, enabling Networks to offer their channels in distant markets from its core without incurring in additional costs.

Maximize your advertising revenues

Localize your network channel to each operator or region without multiplying your distribution costs

With Inetsat, the cost of having an additional feed to localize your advertising is less than a fifth of the cost of an additional satellite feed. This will empower you to localize your Networks for multiple regions, allowing you to maximize Ad Sales business opportunities.

Multiple time zones. Same prime time

Always broadcast your network channel in your viewer's local time zone at no additional cost

In each Inetsat feed, you can decide whether to use a specific time zone in your broadcast or use the local time of each cable operator at no additional costs.

Perfect image quality all the time and without interruptions

No more solar or weather interferences that affect the quality of your Network

With Inetsat, the network channel is broadcasted directly from each cable operator avoiding the satellite distribution and the solar or weather interferences that can affect it.
In addition, because of its architecture, Inetsat has no system wide critical points of failure. As each video server generates its own feed, it can continue operating independently for hours even when there is no internet connectivity or if the content distribution and playback backend of Inetsat is temporarily unavailable.
In the event of a video server failure, only a single cable operator will be affected and it is also possible to have 2 redundant video servers with automatic failover to provide a high availability in cable operators that require it.

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