Make your product grow.
We take care of the data.

We bring you all the information you need to make your product the first in the shelves, manage your team, and ensure everything goes beyond your wildest expectations.


Manage routes and destinations for your team, assign tasks, contracts and promotions to the POS, check the state of your products in POS, and more, all in one smooth process.

Out of sight?
Not a problem.

The mobile platform allows your employees to record every stop of their tour and the tasks they accomplish in the palm of their hand.

Profound & transparent.

All the information gathered through the different inputs is processed and available instantly, in a clean and efortless fashion.

They chose us.

Big and small brands, local and foregin, they choose to stick with us

Our merchants felt confident with using GUTrade from the very first time they made contact with it, given the app’s simplicity, ease of use, and how it operates as a backup for everything they do.Gabriel Viquez - DIPO

GUTrade makes obtaining sharp and fully detailed information easier, while being considerably less time consuming. All of this allows us to focus on making better decisions, changing the way we work, and improve our business altogether.Emilio Gomez - Mondeléz

GUTrade is a great product. It has a friendly UI, while being swift and Parameterizable, which allows it to adapt to several areas in our company.Sandra Alonso - Coca Cola

Every provider in Salus is under the umbrella of GUTrade Marketing. At the same time, using GUTrade has provided us with benefits regarding task and team management.Guzmán Vázquez - Salus

  • DIPO
  • Mondeléz
  • Coca Cola
  • Salus

Need more reasons?

Well here are some stats to boost your confidence.

  • thumb


    perfect Store score rise

  • graph


    market share growth

  • money


    sales volume increment

  • visitors


    more visitors in each POS

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